Maria Fusco

Give Up Art New Documents, 2017
Legend of the Necessary Dreamer Vanguard Editions, 2017
Notes on Comic Face If a Leave Falls Press, 2016
The Happy Hypocrite 9 The Happy Hypocrite 9
Ordinary People: Knowing the Answer is Worth Nothing Gorse, 2016
Experimental Writing Experimental Writing
London, 2016
We are no longer needed by what we created We are no longer needed by what we created
The MAC, Belfast, 2016
Master Rock Master Rock
Master Rock Artangel & Book Works, 2015
The Hare's Course Vanguard Anthology of Short Stories, 2015
The Happy Hypocrite 8 The Happy Hypocrite 8
Fresh Hell, 2015
Thirty-five Hundred Years of Consecrated Objects The Persistence of Objects, 2015
unfinished odes to a video cassette, playing cards, a microphone, a vinyl record A Set of Lines, A Stack of Paper, 2015
The Two Roberts frieze, 2015
An Amateur's Prolegomenon Parse, 2015
machine oil smells sweet Vestoj, 2014